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The Oxford Snack Box has

Oxford Snack Box - Snack the Globe

Introducing the Oxford Snack Box

Oxford County's first and only snack box with treats exclusively sourced from local producers.


Experience the unique flavours and products in a convenient box that can be delivered to your door or picked up in Downtown Woodstock. With one purchase of Snack the Globe's Oxford Snack Box, you will directly support six local businesses. 

Why choose Snack the Globe?


Learn about the culture of different regions as we dive into the authentic stories of the people that live there.

Each box will broaden your perspective.

Fun Experience

One box will not be like the next!


Once it is unboxing time, the anticipation for what you are about to learn and try will only keep on growing.


Distinctive snacks are chosen by our snack specialists to surprise you with each bite.


You might like some snacks and some others not, but that is part of the experience!

Snack the Globe

It started as an idea during the winter months of lockdown and then developed into a business by Garrett Gaudet & Camilo Galvis, Fanshawe College Woodstock/Oxford Business Entrepreneurship alumni.


With a passion for travel, the duo wanted to create a concept where people could stay at home while exploring regions and countries through their culture & the distinctive flavours of their snacks. 

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Camilo Galvis & Garrett Gaudet Snack the Globe

Shipping Policies


Snack the Globe

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