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We have prepared some material to help you tell our story in a great way- and save you some time too!

Thank you for sharing with the world what we do.

What is Snack the Globe?

Snack the Globe is a company founded in 2021 on a mission to inspire people to broaden their perspective by sharing with them the culture and the flavours of many countries inside a box.

Each month, subscribers will get a box from a surprise country full of interesting (and sometimes bizarre!) snacks that comes accompanied by cultural information highlighting the diversity of the region of origin.

Our Snacking Story

Snack the Globe is the realization of a dream conceptualized during a cold winter and a long lockdown. Camilo and Garret- who was Camilo's college professor at the time- were desperately craving some travel and cultural growth. Fast-forward a couple of months of intense brainstorming, we crafted Snack the Globe!

Since then, the core of our business and our main differentiator is the focus on the human aspect of societies. We use snacks as an introduction to the amazing micro-cosmos of each country and the stories of the people who live there.

The Founders


Camilo Galvis

Camilo, 20 years old, is a recently graduated student from Fanshawe College who immigrated to Canada two years ago from Colombia.

Passionate about travel and obsessed with culture, it was natural for Camilo to gravitate to a business model like that of Snack the Globe. Through a content and retail platform that connects people to the world, Camilo hopes to show the best of his creativity, technical skills and advocacy for the creation of a global, more diverse mindset.


Garrett Gaudet

Garrett Gaudet is a Canadian serial entrepreneur, content creator, DJ & podcaster. He is known for the #1 music podcast EDM Weekly podcast, which streamed from 2013-2020.


In 2018, Garrett launched the creative agency Strobe Creative. He works with brands to build websites, create content and generate marketing strategies to elevate their business and positioning. Following his love of travel, together with Camilo Galvis, founded Snack the Globe.

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Brand Materials

We have created a folder with our official logos, product pictures and images of the founders.

You are free to use any of this content for press purposes only.


We retain the rights for all content presented. Please refer to the business as "Snack the Globe" instead of "snack the globe" or any other variation.

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Video Interviews

Here are some of the video interviews we have appeared on and have to redistribute.

Feel free to quote anything from the videos or embed them into your online publications. You can also reshare any of the content with proper attribution.


We retain the rights for all content presented. Please refer to the business as "Snack the Globe" instead of "snack the globe" or any other variation.

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Press Releases

Access all of our press releases from the start of Snack the Globe to the present.


You are authorized to reshare any of the releases or quote extracts from them. Please attribute Snack the Globe as the author for your quotes, unless otherwise requested on the document.


All documents herein are considered part of the public domain. Please refer to the business as "Snack the Globe" instead of "snack the globe" or any other variation.

Social Media

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Media Inquiries

Do you still have questions or perhaps a very specific request? We are completely open to your questions!

Please send us an email to with your request. We are genuinely excited to hear from you.

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