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Globe Box

Tastes the snacks of the world 

Join a journey of cultural discovery while tasting international flavours in a 4-month or 8-month snack box subscription. Subscriptions will start in January 2022.


Subscribe now and be part of a truly global snack experience.

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What do you get with
a Globe Box subcription?


Learn more about the different cultures of the world as we dive into the authentic stories of the people who live there. With engaging storytelling travel series content and digital events.


Each box will broaden your perspective.

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Fun Flavour

Every box provides you with international snacks so diverse, you will never know what to expect! Have fun independently or with friends/family as you taste the unique differences and similarities between the snacks of each countries.

Craving convenience

The Globe Box snacks travel thousands of kilometres and delivered right to your front door. Serving Oxford County, Elgin County, London Metro, Norfolk County, Perth County, Region of Waterloo and Brant County. 


Travelling the world has never been easier with the flavours of the world delivered to your home!


Globe Box Delivery Regions

Globe Box subscriptions are currently available in the following regions:


Snack Travel

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There are two promises we strive to keep: give you a quality experience and source every supply from responsible manufacturers.

At the core of our Snack the Globe is learning about new cultures and the people that build their social fabric. This is why we do not tolerate any practices that contravene applicable international treaties on modern human slavery, child labour, workplace safety and minimum labour conditions and refrain from purchasing from non-compliant suppliers.


Get snacking!

Join our fall, winter or 8-month subscriptions and get ready to receive a delicious box and informative content from around the world.


We are very thrilled for what is coming!

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