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8 Tasty Local Snacks to Try in Oxford County

Snack the Globe's Oxford Snack Box

Are you visiting Oxford County? Perhaps you recently moved into Woodstock? Snack the Globe has created this list of snacks manufactured by local businesses that we recommend based on the research we did to design our Oxford Snack Box- which contains some of the snacks in this list!

Delight yourself and contribute to local businesses too!

Habitual Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bar from Habitual Chocolate included in the Oxford Snack Box
A "Sal Marina" Habitual bar. Available with your purchase of an Oxford Box.

Philippe Lehner is the owner of this amazing Woodstock-based business. After learning about the art of food in his native Switzerland, he decided to open a chocolate shop where he could provide to his clients a comprehensive chocolate experience.

Featuring bars made with cacao beans from all over the world, Habitual Chocolate enables you to taste the subtle differences between bean crops and discover flavour profiles beyond that of commercial bars.

Soul Purpose Bars

An empower-mint bar produced by Soul Purpose and chosen as part of the Oxford Box
An Empower-mint bar, part of the Oxford Box selection

Yet another Woodstock snack, these bars are not like the others. Vegan, gluten-free, and diary-free, Soul Purpose bars are prepared on the premise of giving delicious and nutritious food to clients that is made with fresh ingredients.

Because of their emphasis on nutritional quality and freshness, these bars are made with ingredients that are beneficial for the body and the brain, and need to be refrigerated. As they put on their website, "Our bars belong in the fridge and only last for 90 days. I want folks to know that real food expires and should expire."

Greener Pastures Beef Sticks

Beef sticks are delicious, no discussion there, but what makes Greener Pastures' sticks even better is that their animals are 100% grass fed. Founded in Innerkip in 2015, Greener Pastures Eco Farm was a way for Andrea and Carl to develop their passion for gardening and animal husbandry while establishing a new way to relate to food.

You can purchase your all-beef or pork and beef sticks on their farm or online. Sticks come in hot and medium spiciness levels for you to enjoy.

Jakeman's Maple Sugar

A pack of maple sugar produced by Jakeman's and available with the Oxford Box
Pack of 5 maple sugar snacks produced by Jakeman's

Jakeman's is a maple syrup product manufacturer located in Beachville. The Jakeman family has been operating in the maple syrup business since 1876 and their products have been awarded multiple times because of their quality.

Their crystalized maple sugar is one of their best products, with a sweetness and texture that only high quality maple can give to a treat. Once you place it in your mouth, the maple flavour will reveal itself as the snack slowly melts.

Polar Freeze Freeze Dried Ice Cream

A bag of freeze dried ice cream bars produced by Polar Freeze and included in the Oxford Box
A snack that promises to surprise everyone

Definitely one of the most interesting snacks we came across with as we were assembling the Oxford Box.

We were initially attracted to this snack produced by Polar Freeze in Sweaburg was the idea of an ice cream that does not melt away.

However, what made it part of the Oxford Box is it's unusual texture! Once you get the chance to try it, you will be shocked by how different this is from a regular ice cream bar while at the same time tasting relatively similar.

Words simply cannot describe the goodness of this local snack. You can purchase one of our boxes to give it a try!

Double Dutch Stroopwafels

A bag of Double Dutch Stroopwafels manufactured by Schep's Bakeries and included in the Oxford Box.
A Double Dutch bag with 8 delicious stroopwafels

Stroopwafels are a staple of Dutch cuisine, and those produced by Schep's Bakeries in Norwich are proof of the deliciousness of this snack.

Representative of the significant Dutch influence in Oxford County and believed to have originated in the city of Gouda, this great snack is made of two wafers with a syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon filling in between.

As you bite one stroopwafel, a party of flavours will unleash in your mouth. The crunchy- yet tender- texture of the wafers and the cinnamon of the syrup will slowly build up anticipation for the next bite.

A snack so good clearly had to be included in the Oxford Box. Get yours!

The Oxford Drive-In Popcorn

Remember the days when you could go to the movies without ever leaving your car? Well, the pandemic has revived the drive-in cinema trend and Woodstock is no exception. The Oxford Drive-In is a business operated by two local entrepreneurs, Adam and Angila, and their family. They have put back into action the Oxford Drive-In to allow people to enjoy something outside their homes while keeping everyone safe.

Apart from the nostalgia of a drive-in cinema, this business offers a delicious selection of popcorn and other snacks, available during showtimes and for delivery within Oxford County. No better way to enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car!

Gunn's Hills Cheese Curds

Inspired by the techniques Shep, the cheesemaker, learnt while working in Handeck (Switzerland), this Oxford County artisanal cheese producer sources milk from a neighbouring farm and employs traditional procedures only, ensuring the integrity and high quality of the flavour, texture and smell of their products.

Gunn's Hills curds are superb and will leave you wanting more whether you are eating them alone or as part of your poutine! The curds are freshly made on Thursdays and Fridays and you can buy them on-site or online.


You have reached the end of the list. If you want to conveniently try five of these snacks, we have put together an Oxford County box that you can buy here and get delivered right to your home. Also, remember that whatever snack you buy, you are helping the local economy grow stronger.

Thanks for reading! See you around.

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